Founders Award

Founders Award

The Founders Award is given to an individual for outstanding contributions to the science or practice of Pain Medicine. This award is given for continued contributions for the basic or clinical science of Pain Medicine or for demonstration of clinical excellence or innovation in the practice of Pain Medicine.

The 2020 Founders Award recipient is Ru-Rong Ji, PhD, PI.

Past Recipients

1995: Benjamin L. Crue, Jr., MD FACS

1996: Wilbert Fordyce, PhD

1997: Peter Wilson, MBBS PhD

1998: Tony Yaksh, PhD

1999: Steven Feinberg, MD

2000: Rollin M. Gallagher, MD MPH

2001: Gary J. Bennett, PhD

2002: Russell Portenoy, MD

2003: Donald D. Price, PhD

2004: James C. Eisenach, MD

2005: Edward C. Covington, MD

2006: Gerald F. Gebhart, PhD

2007: Richard B. North, MD


2009: Nikolai Bogduk, MD PhD DSc

2010: David E. Joranson, MSSW

2011: Daniel B. Carr, MD

2012: Howard L. Fields, MD PhD

2013: Allan Basbaum, PhD

2014: Steven P. Cohen, MD

2015: Clifford Wolff, MD, PhD

2016: Daniel J. Clauw, MD

2017: R. Norman Harden, MD

2018: Robert H. Dworkin, PhD

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