Presidential Commendations

AAPM Presidential Commendation Honorees

Each year, the AAPM President may choose to honor additional worthy individuals with a Presidential Commendation.

2020 Presidential Commendations:

  • Jianguo Cheng, MD PhD; Halena Gazelka, MD; Rollin Gallagher, MD MPH
    In recognition and appreciation of their work on the HHS Pain Management Best Practices Inter-Agency Task Force.

  • Robert Hurley, MD PhD
    In recognition and appreciation of his advocacy work in representing AAPM on the AMA Pain Care Task Force.

  • Patrick Tighe, MD MS; Steven Cohen, MD
    In recognition and appreciation of their efforts serving not one, but 2 years, as AAPM Annual Meeting Co-Chairs.

  • B. Todd Sitzman, MD MPH
    In recognition and appreciation of his commitment to excellence in patient care and advocacy and his career-long service to the field: Past President of AAPM, Past President of NANS and his service on multiple editorial boards just to name a few.

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