AAPM Foundation Advances Pain Medicine Education and Research

Since 2011, the AAPM Foundation has worked in conjunction with the American Academy of Pain Medicine to provide innovative and wide-reaching educational programs that improve patient outcomes, elevate standards of implementation in the treatment of pain, and fund research to advance the field.

The Foundation envisions access to optimal pain care that improves the functionality and quality of life for patients with pain, significantly mitigating the widespread problem of pain in the United States.

These efforts, in concert with other leading organizations, will lead to promoting quality pain education and training for all physicians, conducting research into the causes and treatment of pain conditions and disease, and supporting best practices to optimize patient outcomes and ensure a comprehensive, integrated, and coordinated system of care.

AAPM Foundation Initiatives

The AAPM Foundation is committed to promoting education to a variety of audiences to achieve maximum impact on the field of Pain Medicine.

The AAPM Foundation’s initiatives recognize the urgent educational priorities of emphasizing patient safety, improving the treatment of pain, educating physicians on new technologies, and understanding best practice methodologies throughout the Pain Medicine continuum.

Help AAPM Foundation Make An Impact!

Every gift made to the Foundation has a direct impact on the grants that support education, research, and professional development.

Support this important work by making a tax-deductible donation to the AAPM Foundation.

Work With AAPM Foundation!

The AAPM Foundation’s work is made possible by the generous support of our industry partners and individual donors. 

Contact us directly to partner with the AAPM Foundation on important initiatives.

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