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SIS members are welcome additions to the AAPM member community
Beginning in 2021, the Spine Interventional Society (SIS) will no longer co-publish the journal Pain Medicine with the American Academy of Pain Medicine and the Australian and New Zealand College of Anesthetists (ANZCA) and the Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM).
AAPM is offering a one-time membership discount for 2021…

AAPM is offering a one-time membership discount for 2021 to all current SIS members at the significantly reduced yearly dues rate of $100.

This membership allows you to continue receiving Pain Medicine through 2021 (offer not available to current AAPM members.) This offer is available now through December 31, 2020.

Anyone who can provide evidence of a current SIS membership and is not a current AAPM members is eligible to receive the AAPM membership discount, so long as that individual is otherwise eligible for AAPM membership. 

Review AAPM member categories to determine what category is right for you.


Current AAPM members are not eligible for the discount. After the first year of membership, current SIS members will be subject to full, undiscounted AAPM membership dues. 

Please note standard annual dues rate of $50 will apply to eligible students, residents, and trainees (fellows).

how to claim
your discount

Contact AAPM Member Services at (800) 917-1619 or [email protected], and be prepared to provide verification of your SIS membership status.

The following are examples of documents you may use to verify SIS membership: 

Receipt for a paid dues invoice;

A membership letter and certificate;

Member communication received from SIS.

Once an AAPM Member Services representative has verified your membership, they can assist you in completing the membership application process and accept payment over the phone, or they can provide you instructions to complete your membership application and provide payment online, at the discounted dues rate.

Following final review and approval of your AAPM membership application, you will receive an AAPM membership certificate and immediately can start claiming AAPM member benefits, including the continuation of Pain Medicine.

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