Pain Abstracts

Association of Prescribed Opioids with Increased Risk of Community-Acquired Pneumonia Among Patients With and Without HIV

What is the association between prescribed opioids and community-acquired pneumonia requiring hospitalization among patients living with and without HIV? Read the abstract.

Gene Network Dysregulation in the Trigeminal Ganglia and Nucleus Accumbens of a Model of Chronic Migraine-Associated Hyperalgesia

The pharmacological agent nitroglycerin (NTG) elicits hyperalgesia and allodynia in mice. This model has been used to study the neurological disorder of trigeminovascular pain or migraine, a debilitating form of hyperalgesia. The present study validates hyperalgesia in an established mouse model of chronic migraine triggered by NTG and advances the understanding of the associated molecular mechanisms. Read the abstract.

​Annual Meeting abstracts are published in Pain Medicine.

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