resources for
pain researchers


Resources for
Pain Researchers

AAPM gladly serves and represents academic and community pain clinicians, clinical researchers, and other health scientists who aim to increase the amount of original research data and analysis on the practice of pain medicine. 

Together we can help our patients, our communities, and the millions of people who suffer with pain.

Annual Meeting Scientific Poster Abstracts

The AAPM Annual Meeting is the must-attend meeting of the year for pain physicians and their team members, making it the perfect venue to disseminate your work to the field. 

In addition, abstracts are published in Pain Medicine.

Research Resources & Presentations
More research resources and presentations are available to AAPM members.
Research Survey Distribution to AAPM Members

AAPM understands that providing access to the perspectives of Academy members can, at times, be appropriate.* 

For those who wish to distribute research surveys to the AAPM membership as an educational tool, please review the requirements before submitting your request to [email protected]

*AAPM does not provide email addresses directly to the distributor. 

The use of AAPM lists does not constitute an endorsement by AAPM or guarantee of the product or service being marketed.

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