Enhancing Geriatric Pain Care

This project is focused on Veteran patients 65 and older with chronic pain. In this project, the investigators will understand the impact of a contextual patient generated data (PGD). Contextual PGD are data about what is important to patients, information about the Veterans social and home contexts (for example, how the Veterans medications are stored and how much help they receive from others). In this study the investigators will talk with Veterans with chronic pain and the Veterans informal caregivers (family members or friends who help them) and find out about how they are coping with chronic pain and what information might be helpful to provide to the Veterans healthcare team. Then, the investigators will talk to clinicians about information that might be helpful to them. The investigators will collect contextual PGD and use it to develop a computer application for collecting contextual PGD and displaying it to patients and doctors in a visit. The investigators will also test the impact of having contextual PGD in a visit on patient satisfaction with the Veterans care plan and how well they are able to follow the care plan. Read the details.

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