Council of Past Presidents

AAPM Council of Past Presidents

Founded in 1983 as the American Academy of Algology, the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) has evolved as the primary organization for physicians practicing the specialty of Pain Medicine in the United States. AAPM is thankful for the dedicated leadership and for all who have served in the organization over the years. The following is a list of past presidents who served on the AAPM Board of Directors.

  • The late Benjamin L. Crue, Jr., MD (1985)
  • Joel L. Seres, MD (1986)
  • The late Robert G. Addison, MD (1987)
  • The late Philipp M. Lippe, MD (1988)
  • The late Jack J. Pinsky, MD (1989)
  • Andrew G. Shetter, MD (1990)
  • Sridhar V. Vasudevan, MD (1991)
  • The late E. Richard Blonsky, MD (1992)
  • Peter R. Wilson, MBBS PhD (1993)
  • The late Richard L. Stieg, MD (1994)
  • The late Hubert L. Rosomoff, MD DMedSc FAAPM (1995)
  • Steven D. Feinberg, MD (1996)
  • Gerald M. Aronoff, MD (1997)
  • J. David Haddox, DDS MD (1998)
  • Norman J. Marcus, MD (1999)
  • Edward C. Covington, MD (2000)
  • Albert Ray, MD (2001)
  • Marc B. Hahn, DO (2002)
  • Melvin C. Gitlin, MD (2003)
  • The late Samuel J. Hassenbusch, MD PhD (2004)
  • Scott Fishman, MD (2005)
  • Frederick W. Burgess, MD PhD (2006)
  • B. Todd Sitzman, MD MPH (2007)
  • Kenneth Follett, MD PhD (2008)
  • Rollin M. Gallagher, MD MPH (2009)
  • Eduardo Fraifeld, MD (2010)
  • Perry G. Fine, MD (2011)
  • Martin Grabois, MD (2012)
  • Lynn R. Webster, MD (2013)
  • Sean Mackey, MD PhD (2014)
  • Bill H. McCarberg, MD (2015)
  • Daniel B. Carr, MD (2016)
  • Steven P. Stanos, DO (2017)
  • Jianguo Cheng, MD PhD (2018)
  • Tim Lamer, MD (2019)

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