Pain Textbooks

Multidisciplinary Pain Textbooks
AAPM has several published educational texts devoted to multidisciplinary approaches to pain treatment and management. Many are available both in print and digitally.

Acute Pain Medicine

Chester C. Buckenmaier, III, Michael Kent, Jason C. Brookman, Patrick J. Tighe, Edward R. Mariano, and David Edwards

Covers diagnosis and treatment of acute pain from both surgical and non-surgical causes.

Pain syndromes reviewed in case-based format.

Includes well-illustrated, step-by-step guidance intervention section.

Written and edited under the auspices of the American Academy of Pain Medicine by members of the Academy’s Shared Interest Group for Acute Pain Medicine.

Military Advanced Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia Handbook

Second edition Edited by Chester C. Buckenmaier, III, Michael Kent, Jason C. Brookman, Patrick J. Tighe, Edward R. Mariano, and David Edwards

A longtime standard for military healthcare personnel, this edition has been thoroughly revised and updated. Though initially valued as a useful resource for managing pain associated with battlefield trauma, it provides pertinent guidance for managing vital acute pain services in all settings.

Generously illustrated in full color

Detailed step-by-step guidance in performing blocks

Applicable to pain service in civilian and military clinical settings

Comprehensive Treatment of Chronic Pain by Medical, Interventional, and Behavioral Approaches: The American Academy of Pain Medicine Textbook on Patient Management

Timothy S. Deer, MD, Michael S. Leong, MD, Asokumar Buvanendran, MD, Vitaly Gordin, MD, Philip S. Kim, MD, Sunil J. Panchal, MD, Albert L. Ray, MD

This state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary textbook covering medical, interventional, and integrative approaches to the treatment and management of pain is designed as a practical and comprehensive primary reference for busy physicians and is also an up-to-date resource for preparing for certification examinations in pain medicine.

This Text Features:

Cutting-edge medical topics, such as monitoring opioid use and abuse, and the emerging role of cannabinoids in pain treatment

Expert guidance on the full range of interventional techniques

Clinical anatomy and physiology for the interventionist

Behavioral dimensions of the experience and management of pain

Integrative approaches for treating the “whole person”

Legal issues, such as failure to treat pain

Firsthand patient accounts

comprehensive Textbooks on Patient Management
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