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Call for Nominations

Each year AAPM invites Active Members to participate in an open call for Board and Nominating Committee nominations, as well as Annual Meeting Awards nominations.

Nominations for available 2022-2023 positions on the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee and 2021 Awards are open.

Board & Nominating Committee
Call for Nominations

Nominees should be current, voting members of AAPM who are interested in and qualified for service in a leadership role.

When the Nominating Committee develops the slate of candidates, β€œPreference shall be given to individuals with active service on a committee of the Academy,” (AAPM Bylaws, Article X, Section 1).

position descriptions
📌 What’s Needed…

A completed nomination form, resume, or curriculum vitae, and COI disclosure statement must be submitted for each nominee. October 20th is the deadline for submitting required materials by fax, e-mail, or mail.

πŸ“  Fax: (407) 749-0714

πŸ“§ E-mail: [email protected]

πŸ“« Mail:
American Academy of Pain Medicine,
1705 Edgewater Drive, #7778,
Orlando, FL 32804

If there are any questions regarding this process, please contact AAPM at (800) 917-1619 or [email protected]

Thank You!

AAPM Call for Nominations: 2021 Awards

The annual AAPM awards identify and celebrate the accomplishments of individuals whose endeavors improve the care of people with pain.

Voting members may nominate individuals for consideration by the Awards Committee.

Awards are presented at the AAPM Annual Meeting to those who contribute to the field of Pain Medicine in social, political, scientific, or clinical arenas.

🎖 The Philipp M. Lippe, MD Award is given to a physician for outstanding contributions to the social and political aspect of Pain Medicine. Social and political accomplishments could be those that benefit the science, the practice or the recognition of the specialty.

πŸŽ– The Founders Award is given to an individual for outstanding contributions to the science or practice of Pain Medicine. This award is given for continued contributions for the basic or clinical science of Pain Medicine or for demonstration of clinical excellence or innovation in the practice of Pain Medicine.

πŸŽ– The Distinguished Service Award is given to an individual for commitment and contributions to the American Academy of Pain Medicine. This award is given to an individual for specific outstanding contributions.

πŸŽ– The Patient Advocacy Award recognizes activity of an individual in advocating for appropriate evaluation and treatment of patients suffering from pain. This award was created to honor those healthcare professionals whose deeds reflect their recognition of the importance and impact of the specialty of Pain Medicine.

πŸŽ– The AAPM Presidential Excellence Award for Education honors an individual who has made major contributions to the education of others about Pain Medicine.

πŸŽ– The Robert G. Addison, MD, Award is given for outstanding contributions that foster international collaboration between the American Academy of Pain Medicine and individuals or organizations that support the development of the specialty on an international scope.

πŸŽ– The Pain Medicine Fellowship Excellence Award recognizes Pain Medicine Fellowship Programs that provide exceptional learning experience to their fellows, preparing them to deliver the highest standard of care to patients with pain.

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