AAPM Committees and Task Forces

The dedicated efforts of committee members are not only invaluable in attaining AAPM's strategic goals, committee service provides another forum for members to connect with one another and to develop as leaders within the organization.

Get involved in AAPM by joining a committee.

The AAPM committee year runs from Annual Meeting to Annual Meeting. The chairs, members, and charges for each committee are determined in the months preceding the Annual Meeting, at the direction of the incoming president.

Members interested in serving on an AAPM committee are urged to get involved in the Academy by attending the Annual Meeting, submitting an abstract for a scientific session or poster for the Annual Meeting, submitting a manuscript to the Pain Medicine journal and/or joining a Shared Interest Group. To request to be considered for a future committee role, please send an email detailing your interests along with a current CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Committees and Members

The following organized committees regularly report to the AAPM Board of Directors on particular areas of focus, such as research, governance and education.

Review AAPM's policies on committees and task forces.

2021 Annual Meeting Program Committee

Strategic planning and needs assessment related to the overall educational content selection, content review, faculty recruitment and onsite program evaluation of Annual Meeting education related activities.

Committee roster

Halena M. Gazelka, MD (Co-Chair)
Gagan Mahajan, MD (Co-Chair)
Jeremy A. Adler, MS PA-C
Farshad M. Ahadian, MD
James W. Atchison, DO
Mark Bicket, MD
Robert Bolash, MD
Gary Brenner, MD PhD
Chester 'Trip' Buckenmaier III, MD COL (ret) MC USA
Jianguo Cheng, MD PhD
May L. Chin, MD
Steven P. Cohen, MD
Beth D. Darnall, PhD
Timothy R. Deer, MD
Larry Driver, MD
David Edwards, MD PhD
Vitaly Gordin, MD
Amitabh Gulati, MD
Jennifer Hah, MD
Salim M. Hayek, MD PhD
W. Michael Hooten, MD
Robert W. Hurley, MD PhD
Dermot P. Maher, MD MS
Zachary McCormick, MD
Susan Moeschler, MD
Vwaire Orhurhu, MD MPH
Ravi Prasad, PhD
David Provenzano, MD
Taryn M. Reichard, DO
Robert “Chuck” Rich, Jr., MD
Dmitri Souza, MD PhD FASA
To-Nhu Vu, MD
Ajay D. Wasan, MD MSc
James C. Watson, MD
Kayode A. Williams, MD MBA FFARCSI

Awards Committee

  • Select individuals or groups who have made outstanding contributions in the field of pain medicine to receive awards.
  • Develop ideas for new awards, as appropriate, for Board consideration.

Committee roster

Tim Lamer, MD (Chair)
Magdalena Anitescu, MD PhD
Rollin McCulloch Gallagher, MD MPH
Vitaly Gordin, MD
Gagan Mahajan, MD
Kayode A. Williams, MD MBA FFARCSI

Behavioral Medicine Committee

  • Address the need for education on behavioral medicine and psychological issues in treating a pain patient.
  • Expand the presence of behavioral pain medicine professionals in AAPM through membership.
  • Monitor and report to the Executive Committee and membership on developments and emerging research in the area of behavioral pain medicine.

Committee roster

Beth D. Darnall, PhD (Co-Chair)
Ajay D. Wasan, MD MSc (Co-Chair)
Sara Davin, PhD
Anne Marie Fras, MD
Sharon Hsu, PhD
Susan Jarquin, PhD
Xavier Jimenez, MD
Aram Mardian, MD
Jennifer L. Murphy, PhD
Judith Scheman, PhD
Amit Singh, DO
Christopher D. Sletten, PhD
Jeannie Sperry, PhD
Alison Vargovich, PhD

Bylaws Committee

Review and recommend changes to the Bylaws as necessary.

Committee roster

Kayode Williams, MD MBA FFARCSI (Chair)
Jeremy A. Adler, DMSc PA-C
Christy Hunt, DO
Beth Minzter, MD
Steven P. Stanos, DO
Jack R. Bierig

Coding & Reimbursement Committee

  • Accurately describe the procedures used in Pain Medicine for the CPT coding process.
  • Survey and recommend relative values to the AMA RUC Committee in its advisory role to CMS.
  • Increase awareness by the RUC Committee of the unique practice and procedural issues facing pain medicine physicians.

Committee roster

Eduardo M. Fraifeld, MD (Chair)
Rany T. Abdallah, MBA MD PhD
David Allan Edwards, MD PhD
Gregory Polston, MD
ToNhu Vu, MD

Education and CME Oversight Committee

  • Identify and evaluate continuing professional development needs of AAPM members.
  • Formulate AAPM's continuing education goals and priorities.
  • Make recommendations to the board regarding new education initiatives, viable collaboration with other professional societies, online learning strategies and other ways to expand funding for the outreach of AAPM volunteers as experts in the field of Pain Medicine.
  • Ensure that all AAPM-sponsored educational CME programming comply with ACCME policy.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of the overall continuing education program.

Committee roster

May L. Chin, MD (Co-Chair)
Susan Moeschler, MD (Co-Chair)
Rany T. Abdallah, MBA MD PhD
Magdalena Anitescu, MD PhD
Donna M. Bloodworth, MD
Bernard Canlas, MD
Robert I. Cohen, MD
David Allan Edwards, MD PhD
Juan B. Firnhaber, MD
Vitaly Gordin, MD
Michael E. Harned, MD
Michael S. Leong, MD
Monika Patel, MD
Thomas Pittelkow, DO MPH
Meda Raghavendra, MD
Marc Sloan, MD
Carl A. Tandatnick, MD
Armando Villarreal, MD
ToNhu Vu, MD

Ethics Council

Provide input to the Board regarding ethical issues affecting the Academy.

Council roster

Halena Gazelka, MD
Joseph Hendrix, MD
Marilyn S. Jacobs, PhD
Heather Kroll, MD
Edward Michna, JD MD
Srdjan S. Nedeljkovic, MD
Steven Richeimer, MD
Michael Schatman, PhD
Dana L. Simon, MD
Steven Stanos, DO
Mark Sullivan, MD PhD

Finance Committee

Note: The composition of this committee is prescribed by the AAPM Bylaws.

  • Develop and monitor the finances of the Academy, both operating and reserve funds.
  • Work with the AAPM staff to develop the annual budget for approval by the Board.
  • Provide oversight of the Academy’s investments, including the selection of an external financial advisor as appropriate, in conjunction with the board and staff.

Committee roster

Farshad M. Ahadian, MD (Chair)
Donna M. Bloodworth, MD
W. Michael Hooten, MD
Nathaniel Marc Schuster, MD
Steven Stanos, DO
Alison Vargovich, PhD
Ajay D. Wasan, MD
James C. Watson, MD

Membership Committee

Develop and implement strategic marketing plans for recruiting and retaining members, with a focus on increasing member diversity (age, ethnicity, gender, practice profile, etc.); recommend membership policy to the Board of Directors; conduct periodic needs assessments of the members in order to deliver value to AAPM members based on their current wants and needs; serve as liaison between members/potential members/applicants and AAPM volunteer/staff leadership.

Committee roster

W. Michael Hooten, MD (Co-Chair)
Kayode Williams, MD MBA FFARCSI (Co-Chair)
Jeremy A. Adler, MS, PAC
Chester Church Buckenmaier III, MD
Gianna Casini, MD
Jonathan Hagedorn, MD
Salman Hirani, MD
Tim J. Lamer, MD
Judith Scheman, PhD
Thomas Suchy, MD
Siddarth Thakur, MD
Sayed E Wahezi, MD

Nominating Committee

Secure candidates for all available positions on the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee and present a slate of qualified candidates to the membership for a vote.

Committee roster

Tim J. Lamer, MD (Chair)
Randall Brewer, MD
W. Michael Hooten, MD
Sean Mackey, MD PhD
Zachary McCormick, MD
Michael Osborne, MD
Ajay D. Wasan, MD

Opioid Advisory Committee

  • Monitor developments relating to opioids as addressed in the legislative and regulatory process; consumer media; and professional publications.
  • Provide the AAPM Executive Committee with initial review and analysis of these developments.
  • Working in conjunction with relevant AAPM Committees (Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, Education, etc.), propose and/or prepare AAPM responses (including public statements, educational programs, and Academy position statements) to these developments.

Committee roster

Antje M. Barreveld, MD (Chair)
Beth Darnall, PhD
Trent David Emerick, MBA MD
Benjamin Gerson, MD
Vitaly Gordin, MD
Mark Sullivan, MD PhD
Ajay D. Wasan, MD

Pain Medicine Fellowship Excellence Award Committee

Develop criteria and select pain medicine fellowship programs to recognize for excellence.

Committee roster

Robert Bolash, MD (Chair)
Meridith Adams, MD
Scott Brancolini, MD MPH
Timothy R. Deer, MD
Tim Furnish, MD
Gagan Mahajan, MD
Srdjan Nedeljkovic, MD
James C. Watson, MD

Research Committee

The Research Committee investigates and identifies opportunities for the Academy to invest, support or participate in research initiatives. It seeks to improve understanding of AAPM members' research needs and interests; improve scientific quality of abstract submissions to the Annual Meeting, including but not limited to improvements to the scientific poster abstract call; collaborate with other organizations on research or scientific initiatives and programs; review nominations for Scientific Membership and recommend eligible candidates to the Board for approval; and operate as the research grant review committee.

Committee roster

Jennifer Hah, MD (Co-Chair)
R. Norman Harden, MD (Co-Chair)
Charles E. Argoff, MD
Miroslav Backonja, MD
Steven P. Cohen, MD
Rollin McCulloch Gallagher, MD MPH
W. Michael Hooten, MD
Sean Mackey, MD PhD
Zachary McCormick, MD
Jana Mossey, MPH MSN PhD
Wenchun Qu, MD PhD
Patrick James Tighe, MD MS
Nafisseh Warner, MD
Ajay D. Wasan, MD
Jijun Xu, MD PhD

Scientific Poster Abstract Committee

Solicit, evaluate, rank, and judge scientific poster abstract submissions.

Committee roster

Robert Bolash, MD (Co-Chair)
Marie Hanna, MD (Co-Chair)
Benedict Alter, MD
Madhuri Are, MD
Miroslav Backonja, MD
Hersimren Basi, MD
Nancy Bratanow, MD
Leanne R. Cianfrini, PhD
Lisa Doan, MD
Mark Holtsman, PharmD
Christy Hunt, DO
Nick Knezevic, MD
Donald Joseph Meyer Jr., MD PhD
Jana Mossey, MPH MSN PhD
Michael Osborne, MD
Hassan Rayaz, MD
Vafi Salmasi, MD
Kara Segna, MD
Bunty J. Shah, MD
Patrick James Tighe, MD MS
Ajay D. Wasan, MD
Jiang Wu, MD

Scientific Review and Guidelines Committee

  • Review and make recommendations on guidelines and other scientific matters presented to the Academy for consideration (position papers, consensus statements, etc.).
  • Inventory current available practice parameters and guidelines in relation to pain.
  • Develop criterion-based standards for guidelines to guide committee activities.
  • Actively engage other organizations to participate or partner in activities related to practice parameters and guidelines.

Committee roster

Randall Brewer, MD (Co-Chair)
Michael Osborne, MD (Co-Chair)
Robert Bolash, MD
Nancy Bratanow, MD
Hui-Ming Chang, MD MPH
Vitaly Gordin, MD
Narayan R. Kissoon, MD
Beth Minzter, MD
Samer Narouze, MD PhD
Monika Patel, MD
Steven Stanos, DO
James C. Watson, MD

Trainee Committee

  • Serve as ambassadors/liaisons between the Board of Directors and trainees
  • Provide a forum and voice for residents and fellows in the Academy
  • Provide trainees with leadership opportunities within the Academy
  • Increase trainee involvement and interest in the Academy
  • Expand the reach of AAPM to trainees and the broader medical community

Committee roster

Anuj Aggarwal, MD (Co-Chair)
Nafisseh Warner, MD (Co-Chair)
Cole Cheney, MD
Salman Hirani, MD
Maryam Hosseini, MD
Olga Komargodski, MD
Theresa Lii, MD
Desimir Mijatovic, MD
Taif Mukhdomi, MD
Junaid Mukhdomi, MD
Sabrina Oukil, MD
Ankur Patel, MD
Afrin Sagir, MD
Daniel Sainburg, DO
Scott Sandy, MD
Neal Shah, MD
Kishan A. Sitapara, MD
Ashley Wong, DO

Addison Award Task Force

  • Establish criteria for awarding the Robert G. Addison, MD, Award in memory of the late AAPM Past President.
  • Select the recipient of the Addison Award.

Task force roster

Daniel B. Carr, MD
Michel Y. Dubois, MD
Rollin M. Gallagher, MD, MPH
R. Norman Harden, MD

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