2021 Annual Meeting

AAPM 2021: Effective Pain Care is Multimodal

The AAPM Annual Meeting is the must-attend meeting of the year for the entire pain care team. It brings together specialists of varying modalities and disciplines to address evidence-based, innovative best practices that treat the whole patient through multimodal and multidisciplinary approaches. AAPM 2021 will provide attendees with the skills and knowledge necessary to more fully incorporate multimodal pain care efficiently and effectively into their practices.

2020 has been an unprecedented year, with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting every aspect of our professional and personal lives. For us in the pain medicine field – this public health crisis came as we continue to combat the persisting public health problems of chronic pain and the opioid epidemic. 

I am proud of our specialty for rising to meet these challenges in order to continue delivering care through ingenuity, commitment, and grit. The pandemic has shown an even brighter light on why multimodal approaches are crucial to the treatment of acute and chronic pain, and no other medical specialty has as much command of these modalities as we do.

AAPM 2021 will offer us the much-needed opportunity to convene and share what we have learned and experienced this past year as we continue to reshape the delivery of pain care in a post-COVID-19 world.

-AAPM President, Ajay Wasan, MD MSc

AAPM 2021 will be held, this spring, in a virtual format, on dates still to be determined.

The meeting will highlight critical components of multidisciplinary care, including:

  • Academic and research
  • Acute pain/preventing transition to chronic pain
  • Basic & translational science
  • Cancer pain
  • Diagnostics and imaging sciences
  • Integrative and transdisciplinary care
  • Pain treatment for special patient populations
  • Pharmacotherapies
  • Physical and behavioral therapies
  • Practice management
  • Pro/con debate
  • Procedural and surgical interventions

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