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Ovarian Cyst Back Pain: Is There a Connection?

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that can form in or around your ovaries. They’re actually very common and most often form naturally around the time of ovulation. Most simple ovarian cysts go away without treatment. While many ovarian cysts don’t cause symptoms, women with larger cysts may experience symptoms like abdominal pain. In some cases, pain can also occur in the lower back. Read more.

Scratching a Scientific Itch: Pitt Scientists Untangle the Mysterious Intricacies of Itchiness

Researchers from the Pittsburgh Center for Pain Research identified a new group of nerve cells, or neurons that carry a protein called neurokinin-1 receptor, or NK1R, which appear to be selectively involved in causing itchiness, but not in detecting changes in temperature. This discovery may help understand the processing of different kinds of pain that are cold sensing. Read more.

A Rapidly Adapting Understanding of Touch

Meissner corpuscles, receptors for vibration and pressure in the hairless skin of mammals, were first discovered over 165 years ago. However, the function of these structures in touch perception has remained relatively unclear. Now, using a new mouse model and modern genetic tools, a recent study provides an updated characterization of Meissner corpuscles and how they contribute to touch sensation. Read more.

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