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Shared Interest Group (SIG) Policy

Shared Interest Group Policy and New SIG Creation

AAPM Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) provide a forum for members to come together and network, discuss, and advance shared interests in a particular field or topic.

Forming a New AAPM SIG

New Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) are created by petition signed by a minimum of 12 AAPM members and approval by the AAPM Executive Committee, to ensure alignment with the Academy’s mission.

To suggest a new SIG, fill out the SIG application and submit your application to [email protected].

SIG Leadership and Participants

Chairs are AAPM members approved by the AAPM President. Active members may chair SIGs. Affiliate members may co-chair SIGs with an active member. AAPM members can add their names to the SIG email list by updating their account preferences on the my account page.

SIGs gather during the Annual Meeting to discuss issues of interest to that group. SIGs may make recommendations to the Board. Recommendations will be reviewed for alignment with Academy priorities and budget implications.

Review the list of AAPM SIGs and learn how to become involved.

SIG Expectations and Scope of Work

The following are expectations for SIG participation and what AAPM will provide:

  • AAPM will provide administrative support for each SIG, through a staff liaison.
  • All SIG communications will be distributed through staff liaisons.
  • Each SIG chair will report its activities to the Board for the annual and mid-year board meetings.
  • All SIG activities must align with the overall mission of the Academy.
  • All resources requested and activities proposed in the name of an AAPM SIG will be submitted to the Board for approval prior to expenditure unless already included in the approved budget.
  • The work of any SIG will be considered the work product of the Academy and may not be used in other ways without the Academy’s expressed written consent.
  • AAPM will provide meeting space during the Annual Meeting for each SIG, upon request and as availability allows.
  • SIG meetings during the Annual Meeting are intended to be in-person meetings. Participation is limited to those physically in attendance. No teleconference arrangements will be provided for meetings held at the Annual Meeting.
  • No chemical or biological materials may be used in AAPM provided meeting space, unless previously specifically approved through headquarters staff.
  • SIG emails and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. Unauthorized distribution beyond the originally intended distribution list is prohibited.

See SIG list

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