Reliability and Construct Validity of a Composite Pain Scale for Rabbit (CANCRS) in a Clinical Environment

A composite pain scale for assessing and quantifying pain in rabbits (CANCRS) has been designed merging the Rabbit Grimace Scale (RbtGS) and a scale including clinical parameters (CPS). Construct validity and inter-rater...
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Rating Pain—Not Just a Numbers Game

AAPM member John Markman, MD co-authored a new study in JAMA Network that found that this simple question "Is your pain tolerable" used in conjunction with the traditional 0-10 rating scale posed to patients, could help ...
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New DoD Pain Rating Scale Will Help Military Doctors Assess Patients' Misery

AAPM member Chester "Trip" Buckenmaier III, MD , comments on the DoD's new pain rating scale that bears the familiar 0-10 numbers, smiley and frowny faces and green, amber and red stoplight colors meant to signal a patie...
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