Low-dose ketamine for acute pain control in the emergency department: A systematic review and meta-analysis

There has been increased interest in the use of low dose ketamine (LDK) as an alternative analgesic for the management of acute pain in the emergency department (ED). The objective of this systematic review was to compar...
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New Pain Medicine Journal Virtual Issue on Ketamine

Pain Medicine , AAPM's official journal, recently published a new virtual issue on ketamine. The issue is freely available and includes a collection of preliminary studies, surveys, pragmatic and systematic reviews, and ...
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Ketamine for Migraine in the Emergency Department

Ketamine is utilized often in the emergency department (ED) for rapid sequence intubation, procedural sedation, and acute pain management. The treatment of migraine headache in the ED varies widely and is dependent on se...
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Ketamine Infusion for Pain Control in Elderly Patients with Multiple Rib Fractures: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial

Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Rib fractures are associated with increased mortality, particularly in the elderly. While opiate-based pain regimens remain the cornerstone of rib fracture management, issues related to opioids ha...
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