Medical Mindfulness: Virtual Reality Mindfulness Therapy for Anxiety and Pain Management in Patients With Acute and Chronic Pain

Adults and children undergoing medical care (inpatient or outpatient) often experience pain and anxiety either as a result of their medical condition or a side effect of medical procedures. The purpose of this study is t...
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Exploring Metacognitions in Health Anxiety and Chronic Pain: A Cross-Sectional Survey

The occurrence of health anxiety (HA) in chronic pain is associated with adverse outcomes. As such, it is important to identify constructs that might influence HA and pain-related outcomes. Metacognitions are an emerging...
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Catastrophization, fear of movement, anxiety, and depression are associated with persistent, severe low back pain and disability

Psychological characteristics are important in the development and progression of low back pain (LBP); however, their role in persistent, severe LBP is unclear. Full story . 

Virtual Reality and Pain

Determine the impact of VR-Biofeedback, VR-distraction, and 360 video on pain and medication utilization in patients undergoing surgery; determine the role of anxiety and pain catastrophizing on changes in pain following...
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Psychologist Uses Computer-Simulated Patients to Untangle Sociological Influences in Pain Care

In a recent study published in the journal Pain , researchers found that white physicians who self-scored higher on "intergroup anxiety" -- discomfort during interactions with groups who share fewer similar characteristi...
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Depression, Anxiety May Hinder Healing in Young Patients with Hip Pain

New research suggests that physicians evaluating young patients with hip pain should consider more than such patients' physical health. They also should consider screening those patients for clinical depression and anxie...
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Anxiety Among Patient Factors Linked to More Opioid Use After Surgery

New research from Michigan Medicine could help clinicians identify which patients are more likely to continue to use opioids after surgery recovery.

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Combined Online Self-Management for Pain, Associated Anxiety, and Depression Works

In a new paper published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine , researchers report that online symptom self-management works to decrease pain, anxiety, and depression symptoms. They also found that online symptom ...
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Social Support Key to Remission from Suicidal Thoughts for Disabling Chronic Pain Sufferers

According to a new study, poverty and history of anxiety and depressive disorders were impediments to recovery from suicidal ideation. 

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How Pain Tolerance and Anxiety Seem to Be Connected

A rare disorder in which a 71-year-old woman experiences no pain or anxiety, raises questions about the links between physical and psychological pain. 

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