Impact of a Yoga Intervention on Pain and Multiomics in Participants With IBS

The purpose of this research study is to see if a six-week yoga program reduces abdominal pain in people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This study also looks at whether the yoga program changes the composition of m...
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Intermountain Healthcare First Health System in Utah to Offer Formal Opioid-Free Surgery Program for Patients Wanting Alternative Pain Control Options

The new program was tested for three months as part of a pilot project, in which physicians utilized non-addictive and less-addictive pain management alternatives for surgical patients looking for alternative pain contro...
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Temple Researchers Identify Potential Alternative to Opioids for Pain

A team of researchers in Temple's Institute for Computational Molecular Science (ICMS) have developed world-renowned expertise in the study of an ion channel called TRPA1, which generates the electrical signals that enab...
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Estuarine Waters Hold Promise in Global Pain-Relief Hunt

  A team of Australian-led researchers has discovered a uniquely shaped fungus in pristine waters, which may mimic opioids with fewer side-effects. It had been hoped that such a molecular structure might exist. Full...
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Chronic Pain is a Huge Problem Nationwide, it’s Time for Fresh Approaches

  The medical community is turning to other approaches for chronic pain, including increasing patient support and education and improving overall wellness, perhaps with alternative treatments. Full story.

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