Benzodiazepines for the Reduction of Distress and Pain During and After Emergency Department Care (NCT03756038)

In this proposal, the investigators will determine if a single dose of oral lorazepam reduces distress, pain severity, and need for opiate analgesics both in the ED and in the acute recovery period after discharge. The investigators will compare the lorazepam arm to a placebo arm. Read the details .

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation for Subacromial Impingement Syndrome (NCT03752619)

Shoulder pain accounts for 16% of all musculoskeletal complaints in the healthy adult population. Subacromial impingement syndrome (SIS) is the most common cause of shoulder pain. Many patients with chronic pain from subacromial impingement syndrome (SIS) will fail treatment efforts and have longstanding pain. This project will evaluate the efficac...
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Digital Behavioral Pain Medicine for Orthopedic Trauma Surgery Patients (NCT03764839)

The primary purpose of this study is to determine the feasibility and preliminary efficacy of a perioperative digital behavioral pain medicine intervention delivered to orthopedic trauma surgery patients (compared to an active control group that receives digital health education). Read the details .  

Changes for Neurostimulator Coding

  by Emily Hill, PA, AAPM Coding Consultant CPT 2019 made significant changes to the codes and guidelines for neurostimulator services. Code 64550 (Application of surface (transcutaneous) neurostimulator (e.g.TENS)) has been deleted. Parenthetical notes direct users to report 97014 for supervision of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation...
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Pain Abstracts

Acute Harms Associated with Pregabalin Misuse in Victoria: a 6-year Examination of Ambulance Attendances. Read the abstract . Long-Term Mechanical Function and Integration of an Implanted Tissue-Engineered Intervertebral Disc. Read the abstract . Biological Insights from the Premonitory Symptoms of Migraine. Read the abstract . TLR8 and its Endogen...
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Opioid Prescriptions from Dentists Linked to Youth Addiction Risk

In teenagers and young adults, receiving opioids from dental providers is linked with elevated risk for continued opioid use and abuse, a new study has found.  Full story . Read the abstract .

Minimally Invasive Treatment Provides Relief from Back Pain

The majority of patients were pain free after receiving a new image-guided pulsed radiofrequency treatment for low back pain and sciatica, according to a study. Full story .  

Inspiring Medical Device Innovation to Combat the Opioid Crisis

The FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) launched an Innovation Challenge in May 2018 and announced the selected proposals that include therapeutic and diagnostic medical devices intended to treat opioid use disorder, detect and treat overdose, dispense medication and treat pain. Full story .

AAPM Retains Seat in AMA House of Delegates

Thanks to AAPM members like you maintaining membership in the American Medical Association (AMA), the Academy was recently informed that it has been determined eligible for continued representation in the AMA House of Delegates (HOD) for the next five years. This marks the 30th anniversary of AAPM in the AMA HOD.

AAPM Comments on NIH Report on National Efforts to Address the Opioid Crisis

Comments from the American Academy of Pain Medicine  The American Academy of Pain Medicine appreciates the opportunity to provide comments regarding the Roadmap and of the federal action to address not only the national opioid crisis but also the challenges in treatment of pain that are one contributing factor to the crisis.  From an over...
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