First Scientific Study Using Virtual Reality to Treat Chronic Pain at Home Finds AppliedVR Platform Feasible, Scalable and Effective

AppliedVR, announced results from the first randomized controlled trial (RCT), evaluating virtual-reality-based (VR) therapy for self-management of chronic pain at home. The study, which was published in JMIR-FR, found t...
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Phase 2 Study of Nicotine for Pain Associated With Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Assess the efficacy of short-term nicotine transdermal patch administration for the treatment of CIPN in cancer stable patients or patients in remission. Read the details . 

Chronic Pain Master Protocol (CPMP): A Study of LY3016859 in Participants With Osteoarthritis

This study is being done to test the safety and efficacy of LY3016859 for the treatment of osteoarthritis pain. This trial is part of the chronic pain master protocol (H0P-MC-CPMP) which is a protocol to accelerate the d...
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Prevalence of Prescription Pain Medication Use Among Adults: United States, 2015–2018

Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, NCHS Data Brief No. 369, June 2020. Full story . 

Artificial Intelligence to Improve Back Pain Outcomes and Lessons Learned from Clinical Classification Approaches: Three Systematic Reviews

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) could enhance the ability to detect patterns of clinical characteristics in low-back pain (LBP) and guide treatment. Full story . 

Promoting Engagement in Physical Activity in Early Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Proof-Of-Concept Intervention Study

The aim of this study is to test the feasibility and acceptability of promoting engagement in physical activity in early rheumatoid arthritis (PEPA-RA) to inform a future trial. Full story . 

Pain Scores in Geriatric vs Nongeriatric Patients with Rib Fractures

This research study compares the self-reported pain levels of geriatric vs nongeriatric patients with rib fractures. Full story . 

Summit-07: A Randomized Trial of Nktr-181, a New Molecular Entity, Full Mu-Opioid Receptor Agonist for Chronic Low-Back Pain

NKTR-181, a new molecular entity, mu-opioid receptor agonist with an inherently slow rate of central nervous system (CNS) entry, was designed to provide analgesia while reducing abuse potential. Full story . 

LSU Health New Orleans Discovers New Class of Safer Analgesics

Researchers at LSU Health New Orleans Neuroscience Center of Excellence and colleagues have discovered a new class of pipeline drugs to relieve pain and reduce fever without the danger of addiction or damage to the liver...
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Placebo Effect ‘Could Treat Pain’

Placebo pain-relief is reproducible in patients with chronic pain compared to healthy volunteers according to a unique University of Manchester study. In a research first, patients with high levels of psychological distr...
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