Training the Prescriber: An Institutional Effort to Reduce the Amount of Opioids Prescribed Following Lumbar Surgery

A new study shows that an educational program on opiate use and misuse, the role of the orthopedic prescriber, multimodal analgesia, and state laws regarding opioid prescription could change prescriber behavior and result in a lower amount of prescribed opioids after lumbar surgery. Full story .

Once a Last Resort, This Pain Therapy Is Getting a New Life Amid the Opioid Crisis

Pain specialists, including AAPM Resident Fellow Education SIG Co-Chair Mark Bicket, MD , say neuromodulation is part of the solution to alleviating pain and should be considered earlier in the treatment process, instead of as a last resort. Full story .

2018 Pain Management Salary Survey Results: Does Your Pay Slay or Is it Just OK?

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Parents Worried About Risks, But Still Think Opioids Are Best for Kids’ Pain Relief, Nationwide Survey Shows

A new survey shows that parents remain conflicted about opioids: while more than half express concern their child may be at risk for opioid addiction, nearly two-thirds believe opioids are more effective at managing their child's pain after surgery or a broken bone than non-prescription medication or other alternatives. Full story .

Recovery Toolkits: Assessment of Pragmatic Behavioral Pain Medicine Delivered In Hospital After Surgery (NCT03828669)

Behavioral pain medicine is largely absent from perioperative pathways, and on post-surgical recovery units. The goal of this project was to develop and implement "Recovery Toolkits", physical branded bags presented to patients after surgery. The "Recovery Toolkits" include a descriptive brochure and orientation to the contents of the bag. "Recover...
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Research Pushes Back on Benefits of Compounded Topical Pain Creams

AAPM Board Member, Steven P. Cohen, MD , along with researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine and Walter Reed National released the results of a rigorous federally funded study mandated by Congress that showed no statistically significant difference between relief offered by these creams and placebos. Full story .

Chronic Pain Patients: The Baby with the Bathwater?

AAPM longtime member David Nagel, MD , spoke to the New Hampshire Medical Society about unintended consequence of the battle against the opioid epidemic, and the negative impact on chronic pain patients. Full story .

AmeriHealth Applies New Frequency Limits to Trigger Point Injections

AmeriHealth of New Jersey has announced a policy change effective April 1, 2019 limiting the frequency of trigger point injections that will be covered. The revised policy limits the number of injections to a maximum number of ten sessions in a 12-month period. Medicare does not have a national coverage policy for trigger point injections, however ...
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The New York Times Features a Series of Articles on Pain in Children

​Part I: Managing Children's Pain After Surgery Part II: Taking the Pain Out of Children's Shots Part III: Helping Children Conquer Chronic Pain  

Identify AAPM35 Sessions of Interest & Reserve Hotel Rooms by February 1

Three preconference courses featuring pain medicine best practices, medications management, and ultrasound-guided pain interventions – as well as more than 50 AAPM 35th Annual Meeting sessions – make up AAPM35 March 6-10 in Denver. As an AAPM member, you receive discounted registration and access to special on-site benefits, like a Member Lounge an...
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