Affecting Health Care on Behalf of our Specialty and Patients

AAPM supports pain patients and pain medicine clinicians by advocating for a balanced approach to safe and effective pain treatment. AAPM works to influence legislators, payors, and others in a position to set policies that impact patients. The Academy recognizes the need for policies that support effective control of drug abuse without harming the appropriate treatment of pain and works with members and other pain societies to establish programs and to educate public along those lines. AAPM members are sought-after opinion leaders who serve on many key national coalitions and federal agency workgroups.

AMA House of Delegates

AAPM holds a seat in the American Medical Association House of Delegates (HOD) and speaks for its members concerning issues critical to their pain practices. Read about AAPM's AMA activities.

Representation in the HOD is apportioned to medical specialty societies based on the portion of its physician members who also maintains AMA membership. Because you and your peers have joined AMA, your voice is being heard.

If you are not one currently, we encourage you to become an AMA member.

Multisociety Pain Workgroup

AAPM participates in the Multisociety Pain Workgroup, a coalition of medical specialty societies that collectively advocates for continued coverage of important pain treatment options. Collectively, MPW societies represent 100,000 members dedicated in whole or in part to pain management.

National Pain Strategy

AAPM supports the National Pain Strategy (NPS), developed by the US Department of Health and Human Services, which many AAPM leaders helped to shape. AAPM believes that successful implementation of the strategic goals in the NPS will create the cultural transformation of pain prevention, care, and education desperately needed for the American public.

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