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AAPM Board Votes to Expand Active Membership

The AAPM Board of Directors voted unanimously at its March 6 meeting in Denver to support a measure that expands Active AAPM Membership to non-physicians who possess a U.S. or Canadian doctoral level degree in psychology, neuroscience, or any other field deemed by the Membership Committee to involve the treatment and understanding of pain – as well as individuals who hold an international degree found by the Membership Committee to be the equivalent of any of these degrees.

"This change reflects the Academy's commitment to advancing and promoting the full spectrum of multidisciplinary pain care," says AAPM President Tim Lamer, MD. "With a more inclusive base of Active, voting members, AAPM will be strengthened by the enhanced diversity of its members."

In the near future, non-physician Affiliate Members will be contacted about how to transition to Active Member status. The membership application process will also be modified to allow non-physicians to join into the Active Member category. Refer to painmed.org/membership for updates about this transition process, and contact AAPM Member Services with questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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