AAPM Honors the late President Richard L. Stieg, MD

Richard Stieg served as President of the American Academy of Pain Medicine in 1994. AAPM was barely a decade old. As is customary for AAPM leaders, he served the Academy in the years leading up to his presidency and for a few years after that before returning to the “civilian life” of a pain doc. Always a loyal supporter of AAPM, he stayed in touch until 25+ years later when he again answered the call by volunteering to serve as a representative of the Council of AAPM Past Presidents to the Board of Directors. He had come full circle in the AAPM leadership.

 Richard always deliberated seriously the issues that came before the Board, but in doing so, he never lost a sense of perspective about the people with whom he served. He was a gentleman— old school, always willing to speak—and he was a man on whom you could depend. We will miss him dearly.

For a better accounting of Richard’s life, please read this tribute.

Phil Saigh
Executive Director

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