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July 19, 2019

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Sample Free AAPM Education

Welcome to a free sample of AAPM education.

Discounted AAPM Annual Meeting registration and free/discounted access to AAPM online education are just a few benefits of AAPM membership. Take a free test drive of this AAPM member resource by previewing some of our most popular Annual Meeting sessions from the 2018 and 2019 Annual Meetings.

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Guidelines for the Use of Ketamine to Treat Acute and Chronic Pain

An expert panel offers insight into key findings on indications for the use of ketamine, optimal dosing, physiological monitoring, and contraindications from a newly developed clinical guideline.
Steven P. Cohen, MD; Robert W. Hurley, MD PhD; Ajay D. Wasan, MD MSc; W. Michael Hooten, MD

Behavioral Medicine Workshop for Healthcare Professionals: Advanced Skills Target High-Impact Chronic Pain!

This 2018 Annual Meeting session discusses the foundational nuts-and- bolts knowledge on integrating behavioral medicine into clinical care.
Beth Darnall, PhD

Brain Imaging of Chronic Pain, Research Findings and Guidelines for Medicolegal Applications

This 2018 AAPM Annual Meeting session discusses brain imaging technologies to study chronic pain, along with nerve and brain nerve abnormalities in chronic pain conditions, treatment effects, and pretreatment outcome indicators. In addition, faculty discuss International Association for the Study of Pain task force findings of the technical and neuroethical issues of using brain imaging to diagnose and prognosticate treatment outcomes.
James W. Atchison, DO; Sean Mackey, MD, PhD; Rami Jabakhanji, PhD

Pardon the Interruption: Rapid-Fire Neuromodulation

In this interactive 2019 AAPM Annual Meeting session, the audience hears varying perspectives on the rapidly evolving field of neurostimulation from experts in this area, to include indications, contraindications, patient selection including the need for trials and alternative selection schemes, long-term outcomes such as the durability of pain relief and the ability to reduce opioid consumption, preventing and managing complications, and differences between the various modalities.
Michael S. Leong, MD; Timothy R. Deer, MD; Salim M. Hayek, MD PhD; Robert Hurley, MD PhD

Explore the AAPM Education Center to learn more about AAPM online education offerings, including several free courses.

AAPM members receive significantly reduced rates on courses available for purchase. (Login required.)

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AAPM is a community of pain professionals from a diverse range of fields who are dedicated to improve function and quality of life for people in pain.

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APS AIPM Member Discount

Former APS and AIPM members are welcome additions to the AAPM member community.

The recent dissolutions of the Academy of Integrative Pain Management (AIPM) as well as the American Pain Society (APS) have deeply disheartened AAPM leaders and members. AAPM has been fortunate to serve alongside both AIPM and APS over the years in shared efforts to advance pain education, research, and advocacy. The closing of these organizations is a loss for the entire pain community, and especially for former AIPM and APS members.

In acknowledgement of dues already paid to AIPM and/or APS, AAPM is offering former AIPM and APS members a 50% discount on their first year of Academy membership.

Anyone who can provide evidence of an AIPM and/or APS membership is eligible to receive the AAPM membership discount, so long as that individual is otherwise eligible for AAPM membership. Review AAPM member categories to determine what category is right for you.

Current AAPM members are not eligible for the discount. After the first year of membership, former AIPM and APS members will be subject to full, undiscounted AAPM membership dues.

Here’s how to claim your discount:

  1. Contact AAPM Member Services at 847-375-4731 or [email protected], and be prepared to provide verification of your AIPM or APS membership status. The following are examples of documents you may use to verify AIPM or APS membership: a receipt for a paid dues invoice, a membership letter and certificate, a member communication received from APS or AIPM.
  2. Once an AAPM Member Services representative has verified your membership, they can assist you in completing the membership application process and accept payment over the phone, or they can provide you instructions to complete your membership application and provide payment online, at the discounted dues rate.
  3. Following final review and approval of your AAPM membership application, you will receive an AAPM membership certificate and immediately can start claiming AAPM member benefits.
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